Deborah Lipstadt and reviews

In a time when many authors try to get negative reviews removed or downvoted, I want to note the following.


Lipstadt's book History of Trial has be re-released as Denial because of the up-coming movie based on the book.  The movie comes out on the 30th.  Today on her Facebook account, Lipstadt posted the following along with a link to the Amazon page for Denial.


Want to see Holocaust deniers and antisemitic trolls in action? Read the comments on Amazon about the reissue of my book on the trial, now called DENIAL. There is no way to remove them nor would I if I could. I think they serve as a potent reminder of the haters who are out there. (And note their mysogyny. No surprise there.)



And that my friends, is how you rebut stupid, idiotic, ism people.