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Letters To The Damned - Austin Crawley

Let's start with the bad parts of this book: There are too many types. At one point, the hero's name is spelled Chris while for the rest of the book it is Cris. The hero is even called Peter at one point. The writing could have used a little more editing and polish. There is some redundancy and some repetition. Cris' reaction to English customs is a bit too much over the top, even considering that he comes from a big city and journeys to a small village. And why I feel sorry for Cris and his losses, I also wonder what is he whining about when it is clear that he holds some affection for his cousin. You can mourn about the people missing from your life without going the "no one loves me" route over and over.

Let's end with the bad: The plot is worthy of the Twilight Zone. Crawley makes excellent use of puca and other fairy lore. The reasons for the village is the way it is, is not over explained - a case where Crawley was smart enough to hold back. The characters never feel forced. Some passages are downright spooky. It is clear that Cris loves his wife, and not simply because the reader is told that. Crawley shows the reader that