Book Riot - Read Harder Challenge 2016 completed

Read a horror book: The Haunted Looking Glass


Read a nonfiction book about science: Dragon Behind the Glass


Read a collection of essays: Someday Your Witch Will Come


Read a book out loud to someone: D'Auberlies Book of Trolls


Read a middle grade novel: The Slave Dancer


Read a biography: Bosie


Read a dystopian or Post Apoc. novel: Continuous LIfe of Catheriine Mortenhoe


An Audiobook that won an Audie: I, Claudius


Read a book over 500 pages long: Daughter of Tingtel


Read a book under 100 pages: Calugia


Read a book by or about a person who ids as trangender: Unnamed Midwife


Read a book set in the Middle East: Women without Men


Read a book by an author from SE Asia: Nobody Can Love You More


Read a historical fiction set before 1900: Four Horses for Trishtry


Read the first book in a series by a person of color:  The Calum


Read a non-superhero comic from last 3 years:  Paracellus


Read a book, watch movie, debate: Most Wanted Man


Feminism Non-Fiction:  Everyday Sexisms


A Book about Religion:   Hagia Sophia


Read a book about politics in your country: Sustenance


Read a food memoir: Damascus


Read a play: Chamber Plays


Read a book with a main character with mental illness: Travelling Companion