2016 Year in Reading

Well, the one place that 2016 didn’t suck was in the reading department, unless you count the countless iffiness of Booklikes. According to the Goodreads data engine, I read 340 books for a total of 81,417 pages. The shortest book was Sweet Tooth at six pages, and the longest was the kindle one volume version of The Lord of the Rings at 1,220 pages. I DNF’ed quite a few books, but most kindle freebies of the smutty variety. I also subscribed to the New York Review of Books montly book club which was great. At the end of the year, I also joined MyBookBox, which was also cool. Both introduced me to books that I would not have otherwise read. I did add four books to my ick-attack self. Without further ado, the highlights and lowlights of last year: Favorite New Author Discovered This Year: Elena Ferrante. Yeah, yeah I know. I am late to the party. Get over it. But also Sjon. Favorite New Series Discovered This Year: Gloomsbury is a BBC radio comedy that is a parody of Vita Sackville-West and the others in the Bloomsbury group. It is actually quite hilarious. I also rather enjoyed the BBC’s McLevey. Book That Made Me Think: Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni Volume 1 Book That Made Me Mad and Want to Punch the Author: Well, nothing as quite as bad as last year. I will say that The Grave Gourmet by Alexander Champion takes this prize. It’s about a female cop who uses her tits to get ahead and gets turned on by being sexually harassed. Book that Made Me Mad and Want to Murder People: A Different Kind of Daughter. The book chronicles the life of Maria Toorpaki whose skill at squash made people want to kill her. Book that Made Me Mad Because It Reached the Bestseller List: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Such a disappointment. Hermoine should sue. Book Readers Should Read: Book Mountain. This book chronicles the building of a library in the Netherlands. Book I m Glad I Stuck With: Murder in Ocean Hall. I almost put down this kindle book because of the beginning which details the murder of a man who is not Robert Ballard, but who is basically Robert Ballard. Yet, once you get past this, it is actually quite good. First Novel Award: Alif the Unseen. Best Entry in a Series Read This Year: Only You Can Save Mankind tied withDinosaur Lords Worst Entry in a Series: Red Handed in Romanee-Conti The Poor Trees: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Damnit Where is the Next One: BBC’s The Tommies Graphic Novel of the Year: Parcellus. It is about orpahans during the Spanish Civil War. Best Children’s Book: A Child’s First Book of Trump tied with Shy the Playtpus. Handmaid’s Tale Successor Award: The Book of the Unnamed Midwife. There have been a few books that people mention as successor to Atwood’s great book. This one actually really is. Flashback to Younger Days of Reading Award: Choose You Own Misery: The Holidays. Yep one of those parody things. Teacher’s Award: True Story of Hansel and Gretel. Never fails to get the class going. English Teacher’s Award: May I Quote You On That?”. OMG This Was Better Than I Thought: Christine by Stephen King. The only way this award makes sense if you, like me, grew up with the first name of Christine when this book and the movie came out. You have no idea. OMG That’s a Title: Assholes: A Theory Best Reporting Book: Season of the Witch Best Audio Book: Wryd Sisters read by Ceclia Imrie Book that Makes You Want Food and Makes You Feel Good: Pancakes in Paris Blatant Emotional Manipulation Award: The Storied Life of A J Frickey Shakespeare is Dancing in His Grave Vivat Rex. This BBC production of English history plays by Shakespeare and his counterparts is great. Oh Not Another About ____, Hmmm that was Good: Mycroft Holmes Watch Out Award!: White Cascade. About storm and a train. People Were Right About This: The Underground Railroad Damnit Don’t Make Me Cry in Public: Poppy Lane Book is Too Hot to Read in Public: The Calum Poetry: Sin You Took a Ship Without A Tardis: Bativia Re-readThe Hobbit and LOTR