The Dinosaur Knights - Victor Milán

I actually enjoyed this one far less than the first. Have no fear, I intend to read the third book, and there are parts of this book that are great.

As many other reviewers have pointed, this book does pass the Bechel test. When the women talk to each other, they do not talk about men.

And yet, there is something off about the women in the book. We are given several characters to follow, of those, the only woman is Melodia, who was wonderful in the first book but seems to have been dosed with stupid pills in this one. And yes, considering the

[spoiler]rape and imprisonment she underwent


 in the first book, some mental issues are not surprising. But this stupid? Additionally, it is strange that the male buddies tend to survive bu Melodia's women friends don't.


In particular the



the  death of Pilar came across very badly for several reasons. It felt overly violent with the description of the raptor juggling her breast. It felt like too much titataltion. It also felt like fridging because it was used to show angst for Rob and Melodia. Both of whom seemed to recover rather quickly. [/spoiler].