The Twilight Wife - Lisa A. Banner

There is this oldish movie that pops up on Hallmark from time to time. It stars Justine Batemen, remember her, as a wife who loses her memory and reconnects with her husband. It actually is pretty good. You should watch it.

This book reminds me of that movie, and I wonder if Banner was influenced by that movie.

Banner's writing is pretty damn good in terms of sentences. It just is sometimes the plot and pacing feel like a let down. There is a feeling that something better is just there, you keep waiting but it never fully comes. Maybe this is because of the editing process or because of contract limits. Don't know.

What I do know is that there is never a real sense of danger. That even considering the memory loss of the heroine, some plot points and reveals are very, very difficult to buy.

The landscape comes across, but I just wish the pacing and atmosphere had been a bit better.