A boy goes to a graveyard and the president shows up

Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel - George Saunders, David Sedaris, Nick Offerman

Apparently this audio book has over 160 actors, and I would believe it. To be honest, I wanted the audio version because Don Cheadle was one of the performers.

He's the only reason I watched part of Iron Man something or other.

But, the handsome and talented Cheadle aside, this book. This book. This book is about grief, about life, about relationships, about sin, about . . . Lincoln coming to terms with self and death of his son.

Saunders combines history - at the least several of the sources cited in the history section of the book are real - and fiction - the bardo section, that takes place in the graveyard. The term bardo is a clue to the actual point of the novel. Critics have referred to it as modern Our Town, but I loved this whereas Our Town makes me want to throw up. There is a harshness to this, some of the language isn't present, but in the harshness lies truth.

Seriously, it is whatever says - the best book of the year.