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Theatre Royal: 100 Years Of Stratford East - Michael Coren

This is an Endeavour Press reissue of a previously published book, originally published on the hundredth anniversaries of the Stratford East Theatre Royal in 1985.


The writing is a bit dry for this brief history of Stratford East’s Theatre Royal, yet the book is well worth a read. Coren gives a belief overview of the Theatre’s early history and then gives much detail about what was then the theatre’s later history. Understandably, much of the book is given to a detailed discussion of the Joan Littlewood years. Coren is direct in reporting that he was unable to interview Littlewood, yet more than makes up with the use of other interviews, He not only gives some details about the productions but also gives much attention to the workshops. What comes across quite clearly in the book is Coren’s enjoyment of and fascination with the theatre.