Gaming Book out in June about Elf Warfare

Elf Warfare (Open Book) - Chris Pramas, Hauke Kock, Darren Tan

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley


                My love of elves dates back to the first time I read Lord of the Rings.  It was because they were ageless, spoke funny, or seemed so wise.  It was because they used bows and arrows.  This is because one of the first movies I ever saw was Robin Hood.  Honesty, if the orcs had been as skilled with bows as Robin was, I would be constantly wondering why everyone painted those poor, misunderstand orcs as evil.

                It’s true.

                Osprey’s book about Elf Warfare written by Chris Pramas taps into the fascination that many people have with elves, whether or not said people only like them because of the Robin Hood collection.  The book is ideal for any gamer or writer.  Osprey presents the various fighter types as well as various battle formats.  It is in one part source book and one part history, with a sprinkling of storytelling thrown in. 

                Highlights include a nice bit about how elves work with allies- be they human or animal and a detailed discussion about how elven armies and how they are designed.  There is at least one illustration that looks like it was Bloom’s Legolas inspired, and one does wonder a bit about some of the Elven women’s battle dress.  But those are quibbles.

                It is a quick fun read that can spark creativity.