I want a Margaret Funko Pop! - Seriously.

Curse Words Vol 1: The Devil's Devil - Charles Soule, Ryan Browne

What happens when an evil wizard (not Wizzard) named Wizord (no first name) lands in NYC to meet up with his rat familiar(?) Margaret?


                Turn Margaret into a kola (#teammargaret) or if the situation calls for it, something else (#notmymargaret).


                And become one of the good guys.  Sort of.


                Wizord ends up in NYC to do a dark deed for his boss, but he discovers there such a thing as freedom and he likes it.  So, he decides to become a good guy.  In other words, he is trying to change from the evil bastard he was.  Lucky for him, he has Margaret, who may be something more than a familiar (#teammargaret) but who is definitely smarter than he is.


                Wizord is also hot.  It is important to note this.  He is hot.


                He also grants wishes, like the Genie in Aladdin he does have the three no go areas.  He also finds loopholes.


                He’s just not sure how good guys deal with certain problems, such as what to do with witnesses.


                But he muddles though.


                In many ways, this book reminds me a little of I Hate Fairyland, comedy, but there is also an underlying seriousness to it.  How does one define magic, how does magic work, what makes us who we are. 


                The artwork is excellent.  Margaret might be a cute kola bear (#teammargaret), but she is a real kola bear, not a stuffed animal.  And the cost and ramifications of the magic spells upon surrounding people are brought home.  Cost is dealt with.  It’s quite a nice comic.  In many ways, it takes the best of Dresden and plays with it in a totally different way.