Halloween Bingo Reading List

Can't promise I will actually stick to this, but these are the opitions on deck.  For each one, I've tried to give more than one because, well, you all are readers, so you know.


Cozy Mystery - Deadly Magic, Ghostly Paws, A Scone to Die for


Murder Most Foul - SPOR, Alienist 


Gothic  - The Woman Who Had Two Navels, Mysteries of Paris


Terrifying Women  - Suzy McKee Chanars, Tanith Lee, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro


Magic Realism - Nights at the Circus (This is a given)


Vampires - The Red Death, Vampires of Great Britain, Blood Maidens


American Horror Story - Hellbender,  Cherie Priest, Southern Spirits


Classic Horror - Yarbro, Stoker, The Return


Terror in a Small Town - Fatal Puzzle, something by Louise Penny, Closed Circles.  A book about a German witchcraft trial


In A Dark Wood -Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon


Ghosts =Merrily Watkins, Among Others, Ghosts by Gaslight


Witches - Anita, The Witches (Salem)


Amutuer Sleuth - Curious Incident of Dog in the Night Time, Tradition of Death


Darker London - London 1849, something by Ruth Rendell


Horror - Gone with the Dead, House of Leaves


Haunted Houses -  I have so many haunted house books that this whatever


Supernatural - Nate Temple, Conan Doyle


80s Horror - Yarbro, Barker


Romantic Suspense - Gone with the Dead, Eveyln Anthony


Monsters -  wide open here, too much so will see what happens


Werewolves - Moon Dance or one of the zillon others I have


Country House Mystery - Art of Murder, Christie


Diverse Voices - Due, Butler


Demons - Watkins, Screwtape Letters, Devils & Demons