Rage Enducing

Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History - Katy Tur
There is a man at my job who voted for the Trump, henceforth known as Cheeto Dust or Orange. After Cheeto Dust's victory, said man put up and keeps putting up pictures of the Orange on the boards in the break room. Normally, this wouldn't bother that much - free speech. But this man also takes down any picture that is anti-Orange. This anger me. It should be equal or not at all.

Needless, the women in the break room (and quite a few men) are made about this. We haven't filed a formal grievence yet because the man in question isn't all bad and we all are rooting for his grandkid.

So, what does this book have to do with that story?

Everything and nothing.

Katy Tur was covering Orange when Cheeto Dust decided to make a focal point of something. Who knows what, Tur doesn't know. But the book is a strong reminder that people voted for a man who views women as things and unimportant. It is a book about when the man who has it in for you, is the one who you must report on. 

It is a very crazy thing. Quite frankly. The book is a quick read, and Tur is actually quite sympathic Trump voters - less so to Orange himself, but she comes across as fair.