This was fun

Cocaine Blues - Kerry Greenwood

I picked this up years back when I first got a kindle.  It was a freebie.


Phryne Fisher is a woman whose family has gone fro literal rags to riches.  She returns to the place of her birth Melbourne, in part because she wants to and to help parents who are somewhat concerned about her daughter.


Oh and its the 1920s.


Look, I am not sure how on point the history is in this book, but it is great fun.  (And there was an apache fighting line that made my eyebrow go up).


Even today, Phryne would be an unusal woman - she is open and accepting of others, she cares, she does what it is right, knows what she wants and goes for it.


But really what makes this book stand out is that the supporting characters.  Fisher is not the only woman of brains and what not.  Even Dot, who Fisher saves, has intelligence.  Fisher admires other women too, including Dr Elizabeth who admires Fisher's skill with a plane.


Is it a can't put down mystery?   Not really, but it is fun.  Really fun.