Star Wars Thoughts

Fair warning, I write this without having seen The Last Jedi. I fully intend to see it, and this isn’t a comment on the film. This is more a comment on those people who are upset about the movie in general and Rey in particular.


For the record, I didn’t like Force Awakens. I thought it was simply New Hope but with a new name. That’s it. I get the idea of storytelling circle and what not, but still for me Force Awakens was lazy ass story telling filled with what for me are Star Wars plot problems and holes.


Look, I love Star Wars. I even saw the Clone Wars animated movie opening weekend. Okay. New Hope is the first movie I ever remembering seeing. I was Princess Leia for I don’t know how many Halloweens. But there have always been, well, problems. Take for instance Luke.


Luke, like Rey, is a Mary/Marty Sue. I’m sorry but he. If you have a problem with Rey being a Mary Sue, you have to have a problem with Luke. I will acknowledge that Luke is a slightly less annoying Mary Sue, but he is still a Marty Sue (or Mary. Whatever, he is in the Sue family). Luke is a farm boy and talented planet bound pilot. He has never left the planet, hell, he hasn’t gone very far from the farm. Yet, this farm boy who has never flown an x-wing before not only survives the Battle of Yasin but deals the killing blow to the Death Star. But, I can hear someone say, Star Wars Tech can be different from ours. Maybe Luke’s whatever was an earlier version of an X-Wing. Maybe, who knows. But even if that was true, it doesn’t explain the dog fighting ability. It doesn’t. And, quite frankly, regardless of flying skill would have been given command that quickly? Even considering his destruction of the Death Star? If you were one of the Commanders before Yavin, would you have taken Luke as one of your battle group? Realistically, no, at least not as a pilot, maybe as a gunner.


And then there is the death of Obi-Wan. Like Luke, the audience feels more about Obi-Wan’s death than the destruction of everyone on Leia’s home planet. This is because of the story; we have spent more time with Obi-Wan after all. That’s not the problem – it’s Leia (who was tortured) comforting him. She is used to make him the center, and that is somewhat disturbing. While Luke does go though training, it is not nearly as long as the training that Jedi normally seem to receive, and he doesn’t really have a trial, does he?


He is also revealed to be the child of the bad guy, yet one wonders how Vader knows. If it is the Force, then why doesn’t Vader, who spent far more time in Leia’s company, not know about her? If it is simply because of the whole last name deal, why didn’t Vader do something in New Hope? After all, he orders the deaths of Owen and Beru. You except me to believe Vader didn’t have that place searched. And if they really wanted to hide Luke, why not lie about his last name? And furthermore, whose to say where the name Skywalker comes from, maybe it was a common last name given to slaves. So yeah, the last name thing doesn’t work for me (Also I am convinced Padme kept her own last name, so fuck off).


So, the last name answer doesn’t fly.


Additionally, there are other questions that the both the original and the prequels raise. Why, for instance, does Leia remember her real mother when Padme dies in childbirth? Why does Padme die in childbirth? If she is simply a vessel for the Force, doesn’t that make the Force rapey? Why are Lando and Han generals in Jedi? I mean, okay, maybe Han because of what he did in New Hope and Empire; but Lando? Don’t get me wrong, I love Lando. But what exactly has Lando done that makes him a general? Shouldn’t Leia be a general at that point? Why does Padme fall in love with Anakin? (Back to rapey Force). If you were the First Order, wouldn’t you just blow up desert planets considering the history? Why the focus on Death Stars? If the Force needs balance, wasn’t there balance after Revenge of the Sith? Doesn’t Luke make it unbalanced? Why does Leia change her clothes and get her hair done at the Ewok village? Why does Finn have a problem with killing until he has to shot stormtroopers, you know, the people he trained with? What exactly is the Resistance, well, resisting? What exactly does a giant space worm eat when people in space ships don’t land in its stomach? Isn’t the use of droids enslavement? If you were a hungry girl on a desert planet, wouldn’t you sell BB8? Why do people keep losing the Falcon? Is there even a culture in this universe? Would you really elect a teen or pre-teen Queen? And how does Obi-Wan age that much? And Owen and Beru for that matter?


And so on. The world building really isn’t the best. You get more of a sense of culture from Star Trek.


Such criticism is fair, Star Wars is a movie.


But it is also unfair.


Star Wars is after all a fairy tale, and one can’t really ask such questions of fairy tales (would you actually talk to a wolf and isn’t Snow White stupid?)


Star Wars is a modern fairy tale, it is a morality tale. The plot isn’t a point. You want to complain about plot stupidity – do it for all the movies or none. Mary Sues – both or neither.


Unless you are a misogynistic asshole.  Then just go away and play with your toys in the dark room.