I think Jessica might be a guy

Gender Swap Group Love: Pleasure Pyramid - Jessica Nolan

Okay, look, I know these kindle freebie books are just porn.  I get it.  Sometimes they are intentionally funny, like the one where she was wearing a fur coat in the rain forest at the top of a ravine that was two yards deep. 


And then sometimes you wonder what people learn about sex.


Let's disregard the fact that my Egypt prof friend would be sputtering about horrible service this story does to Egyptology and grad students.  The point of the story is that a male grad student is supposedly in a place that is designed for the pleasure of those of a certain bloodline.  For some reason, this pleasure is only reserved for females of said bloodline, hence the gender swap.  Strangely, pleasure, means giving head to all the guys and being okay with anal sex.


So how is she being pleasured?  That's what I want to know.  Why is pleasure most times in these stories about the guy's pleasure only?