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Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House - Michael Wolff

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For those of you wondering about Fire & Fury, here are some highlights from the first four chapters:


Trump didn't like Bolton because of the facial hair


Sloopy Steve uses the word Perisa correctly (I was shocked)


It seems like Trump has a man crush on Rupert Muderoch. This has Bannon upset.


Alies said that Trump "sucks up and shits down" for Putin


Everyone in Trump's campign thought he was going to lose, including him - he didn't even want to fund his campign.


It all the Mercers fault.


Preibus refused to leave Penn Station for two hours when he had a meeting with Trump.

Trump only made it to amendment four in the COnsitution.


Muderoch thinks Trump is stupid


Trump speaks about himself in third person


Trump likes to seduce his friends wives, even in front of his friends.


Christie aka Krispy Kreme tried to explain how a tranistion team and funding works. This got Trump annoyed because he didn't care. He just wanted the money.


Ann Coulter told Trump not to hire his kids


Wolff goes after the media as well


Trump did not have fun at his big day and was fighting with his wife. He thought the Obamas were arrognant.



He has pics of his inauguration "crowd" in the White House


The CIA employees had no idea what Trump was talking about, and one of Trump's staffers corrected him but he didn't hear her.


Jared is heartbroken that Bannon broke up with him.