Well, why is Orange upset?

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House - Michael Wolff

Honesty, this really doesn't shed any new light on the shit storm that the White House.  For much of the book, you are really going like "no shit".  Wolff's writing is good, but at times you do wish he gone deeper - he's no David Simon, for instance.



Highlights of the book's claims include


- no one liked the nightly dinners with Trump, they were torture.  Wolff doesn't say why, but I'm sure it was because everyone wanted two scoops of ice cream.


 - Trump is a spoiled actor (I would've added without the good looks).


-Kushner's family is not happy with him.



"Media is personal. It is a series of blood scores. The media in its often collective mind decides who is going to rise and who is going to fall, who lives and who dies. If you stay around long enough in the media eye, your fate, like that of a banana republic despot, is often an unkind one—a law Hillary Clinton was not able to circumvent."
-The Trumps do not share a bedroom, the first couple to have seperate bedrooms since the Kennedys.
- He eats Micky D's because he is fearful of getting poisoned
-Orange thinks all women in the DOJ hate him (called Yates a cunt might have something to do with this.  Being an accused rapist might be another reason).
-The Battle Flags in the Oval Office was Orange's idea
-we have confirmation that  Trump doesn't read and apparently did  buy text books or do homework in college.  Professor is a slur to Trump.
 - Another quote "Trump’s extemporaneous moments were always existential, but more so for his aides than for him. He spoke obliviously and happily, believing himself to be a perfect pitch raconteur and public performer, while everyone with him held their breath. If a wackadoo moment occurred on the occasions—the frequent occasions—when his remarks careened in no clear direction, his staff had to go into intense method-acting response. It took absolute discipline not to acknowledge what everyone could see."
- a description of Orange man - "An overweight seventy-year-old man with various physical phobias (for instance, he lied about his height to keep from having a body mass index that would label him as obese), he personally found health care and medical treatments of all kinds a distasteful subject"
- There's this gem "Women, according to Trump, were simply more loyal and trustworthy than men. Men might be more forceful and competent, but they were also more likely to have their own agendas. Women, by their nature, or Trump’s version of their nature, were more likely to focus their purpose on a man. A man like Trump."
-How Trump remembers the guy from China - "(This required some tutoring for Trump, who referred to the Chinese leader as “Mr. X-i”; the president was told to think of him as a woman and call him “she.”)"
-Kebbler the elf (Sessions" description: "A small man with a Mr. Magoo stature and an old-fashioned Southern accent, Sessions was bitterly mocked by the president"