Good Installment

The Torso - Helene Tursten, Katarina Emilie Tucker

Irene Huss is the Nordic detective you need.  She has a husband who is a chef, twin daughters, and a unneuter male dog who has fathered puppies who all need a home.  The most upsetting home problem is that one of the daughter is a vegan.  The horror is in the work where in one of those scenes that appears in every mystery series at some point -  a dog walker finds a sack with body parts.


This also means that the Swede Huss has to go Copenhagen where she has to put her judo skills to use (and these are judo skills that make sense so she isn't a special princess).


What I like best about the Huss novels is Huss.  She isn't perfect, but she tries her best.  She also is not a drug addict, sex addict, drink too much, or beat people up.  It is a mystery free of that angst driven, lonely detective.  


And for that I love it.