Star Trek Boldly Go #11-15

Star Trek: Boldly Go, Vol. 2 - Mike Johnson, Tony Shasteen

The Boldly comic series picks up after the latest Star Trek (Kelvin) movie.  In these issues, the crew is still splintered with Kirk, Sulu, and McCoy on a ship, Scotty working on the new Enterprise, and Spock and Uhura on New Vulcan.  I'm not sure where Chekhov is.


The strongest issues are 11 and 12, which is one storyline.  It brings back a couple characters from the first run of the Kelvin Star Trek run.  It was nice to see the characters again, and if the story was workmanlike, it was at least entertaining.


Issues 13-15 are part of an ongoing stor that is not concluded.  It is another Mirror Universe story, so female Kirk returns.  This isn't bad in and of itself, but it also feels repeatitve.  I get the wonder of the mirror universe, the what ifs are great ideas.  But in some ways, it always feels like "we don't know what else to do here, so let's trot it out again".  I can understand the slow, very slow, process of bring the crew back together, espeically when the comics are tied closely to the films, one of the reasons why Chekhov isn't fully addressed.  Still, it could have been better.