Izuna Series Review

Izuna Vol. 1: Kamigakushi - Saverio Tenuta, Bruno Letizia, Carlita Lupatelli Izuna Vol. 2: Yamibushi - Saverio Tenuta, Bruno Letizia, Carlita Lupatelli

I picked up the first book in this comic series because of the cover.  Then after reading it, quickly brought the second.  


Izuna is about the magic wolves in a Japanese forest (the wolves with antlers), and how the pack changes when a human looking girl is birthed into thier pack.  There are also kitsune and other spirits.


It is very like, but not a copy, of Princess Monoke.  Part of it is the discovery of Aki to find her place in the word.  It's true the insta love is a bit too insta love, but she saves the guy as opposed to the common other way around.  


Nice lovely comic with great artwork.  Additionally, where there is female nudity, it is not done for teasing or for male readers to look at boobs.