Acts of Vanishing: A Novel - Fredrik T. Olsson

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley


This is more of a guy book.


This does not mean it is a bad book. It’s just more male oriented than female.


William Sandberg has a few problems, the least of which is the fact that he has lost his job. The most pressuring is that the lights have gone out in Stockholm and no one knows why. This also concerns his wife Christina Sandberg and his daughter, Sara.


Yet, the book focuses greatly on William’s reactions to certain things, and there are a few places where Christina’s reactions would also be called for. But no one is really talking to each other because of family drama. You know how it is. But Olsson makes the family drama believable so it does work. The family must solve an international conspiracy and save Stockholm from a black out where nothing works. (Though I was wondering about back up generators, nothing is said about hospitals for instance).


The best parts of the book are the descriptions of a powerless Stockholm during nighttime. Quite honesty, the power that Olsson has in describing the various reactions and dangers when the lights go out. The family drama is less interesting. In part this is because Sara serves as little more than a plot point, a push as it were. Yet, both William and Christina are real characters, and while William and his reactions take center stage (to be fair, it his series), Christina is not a maiden in distress. It would make a good movie and is a good thrilling read.