Well, some to eye brow raise and some good

Courageous Princess, The Volume 1 Beyond the Hundred Kingdoms (3rd edition) (The Courageous Princess) by Espinosa, Rod (2015) Hardcover - Rod Espinosa

There is one aspect of this comic that is going to give people pause.  So I'm dealing with it first - Mabelrose is a good girl and she prays.  It isn't quite spelled out that it is a Christian god, but she does that whole kneeling hands thing.  However, there are other characters that talk about gods, and she doesn't try to convert them.  


I should also note that Mabelrose's mother, Helena,  is a traditional blonde and white skinned princess.  Her father is Arab (his name is Arabic) and he is darker in skin tone than her mother.  Mabelrose's skin color is her father's tone.  The marriage is a love match, and he saved her.  His "riva" who offers to marriage to Helena in her husband's absence is shown to be a white, racist jerk.  There is also more than one interracial and interfaith marriage too.


Mabelrose is a strong character, perhaps a bit too goody two shoes, She doesn't kick ass like Xena or Jim C Hines' princesses, but she is strong in a different way.  She usually her brains and grit more than skill.  


Overall, it's an enjoyable story about girl escaping a dragon.