I hope Stinkbug and Pence are choking on thier bile

A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo - Marlon Bundo, Jill Twiss, Richard Parsons

Marlon Bundo is not a godfather, or at least he doesn’t seem to be.  It is important to know this.  This picture book is a response to the Pence family book about their bunny rabbit and a plea for tolerance.


                And as my students would say, “it is as funny as shit”.


                Yeah, I’m not sure how shit is funny either.  I mean, okay, I suppose if you have been constipated and then you go No 2, it might as good as shit.  But what sort of weird tickling shit exists that makes you laugh?


                This book by Jill Twiss (John Oliver) is about a bunny who falls in love with another bunny, another buck (I am sorry but a male bunny is a buck and not boy, just saying). and then Donald Trump aka Stinkbug tells them they can’t marry.  Thankfully, Marlon Bundo has a bunch of friends, one of whom, the dog, understands democracy.  The cool thing is that Marlon’s friends are all different in different ways – including a decorative turtle and a hedgehog (honesty, you have me at hedgehog) who likes to read the endings first to make sure the book isn’t too traumatic (Dude, put down Old Yeller!).


                The artwork is beautiful.


                Now, I’m sure that some people are going to get upset about this spoof of the Pence family book, but you know what – I don’t care.  I don’t care at all.  Pence has shown that he does not care about me because I have a vagina, and he wants some of my friend to change who they are.  So, you know what, Mike Pence can take his homophobic, sexist self and jump in a lake.


                Don’t worry, Marlon Bundo, you have a home for life.


                A half star off because I am a comma purist so really 4.5, but the illustrations are so beautiful.