The War on Women - Sue Lloyd-Roberts

I’m sure if you posted the title of this book on Twitter a bunch of people would tell you that there is no war on women. 

                And those people would be wrong.

                This was the book that Lloyd-Roberts was working on when she died.  As such, it is therefore unfinished.  A great deal of the information that is covered was also covered by the work that Lloyd-Roberts did for the BBC (and you can easily find these programs on YouTube).

                The book is focused on British and International cases.  In many cases, Lloyd-Roberts showcases a facet of the war in one place and then applies it also to some communities in the UK.  It should be noted that when addressing the interplay with religion, Lloyd-Roberts is careful to place blame on the interpretation of a religion.  She covers child brides, forced marriages, rape, trafficking, and the pay gap.  She illustrates that the war on women is pretty much worldwide, just taking different forms.

                But there is also hope as the sub-title indicates, thorough this hope needs the help of others in the global community.  This theme starts early with the story of a cutter (FGM) who seeks asylum in the Britain.  If any, the book is a call to arms.