Movies, Movies, Movies

Okay, I've been looking at trailers lately, and as per usual there are lots of heroic men doing heroic things while women just look good.  Take for instance, the Avengers trailer.  Look, I know we are suppose to be all worried because of contracts and shit.  But seriously, here's the spoiler - everyone dies and gets brought back to life.  But here's my question - we have plenty of women in this movie.  But at no point in the trailer do the women even seem to look at each other let alone talk to each other.  It's great that both Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (and to a lesser degree 1) and Black Pather actualy had women have real conversations, admittly usually about men in round about ways, but still finally in Marvel movies we have that - though we had to wait until Black Panther for a black woman to do anything besides make Tony Stark feel guitly. We have some Black Widow action in the trailer, but otherwise it is just men in the forefront and women either info dumping or looking at the men.   At least this Avengers has more women than Justice League.  


Then there is Isle of Dogs, where the pretty show dog is the female dog and the story is about a boy and his dog.


Okay, we have Ant and Wasp, so at least that's a woman doing something.  But I don't really care.


Hey look, there is a Taraji B Henson movie where she plays the wronged wife - and the only reason this isn't a Lifetime movie is because its Taraji.  I mean, how often does that stop plot get recycled and recycled.  


Oh, and Jon Hamm's wife gets killed by terrorists and he has to do something after she dies.


There is also Harry Potter whatever number.  I'm sorry how is Newt not Harry.  Okay, okay he doesn't have a scar but still same thing.  Guy hero with other Guy heros in the trailer.


And we have a movie with Diane Keaton gets turned on by 50 Shades of Grey.  

Wait, finally, Alita Battle Angel where the girl is a Cyborg!  A girl does shit!  Finally!  It isn't out to December?  WTH!


I know you're going to say Red Sparrow, but (a) I don't want to look at naked Jennifer Lawrence and (b) I'm tried of Jennifer Lawrence in roles that she is too young for.  


Look, I get it.  Men make the movies.  But can we please have more movies were women do heroic things that do not involve going after thier cheating husband, finding their G spot, or being a free spirit?  Yes, we had Proud Mary and Atomic Blonde.  There is Tomb Raider reboot as well, but here's the thing - can we also have a heroic female movie where the women are not in competition, do not talk about men, drive their own plot, and actually help each other?


(Yes, I know Wrinkle in Time, but I want more than one movie, thank you).


Sorry, the Avengers trailer is pissing me off so much.