Wonder Woman By Greg Rucka Vol. 1 - Greg Rucka
I picked this up because I wanted to read The Hiketeia story. 

Which was worth the price.

The Hiketeia deals with WW taking on supplicant who is wanted for murder, and who Batman is chasing. The story gets at the difference between WW and Batman. One thing that has always bugged a little about Bats (and I should not that I was not, and never will be, a regular Batman reader) is that whenever I read him, he always cared more about the bigger crimes instead of the little crimes and injustices that lead to them. In fact, he wants people to follow the rules that he doesn't follow. Bugs me. The Hiketeia addresses this, and is quite a stunning story.

The other stories are about WW's conflicting places and duties as Amazon, savior, warrior, and ambassdor. It's quite well done.