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In case you have missed the lovely Linda Hilton's posts about #cockygate, here's a brief run-down.  Some indie romance "writer" trademarked the word cocky because she has a series that has titles like Cocky Shitburger, Cocky Dick, and Cocky Douchebag.  Okay, those aren't actually titles but just pick a job and put the wordy cocky in front it.  Apparently they are part of the cocker family or something.  I guess Latrine was already taken.  


So said Cocky Ass writer then sent out cease and desist emails to other authors, threatening legal action unless titles of books were changed. I suppose next she is going to trademark the word "honey" and then "damp".    Needless to say, said "writer" has been taken to the woodhouse in a metaphorical sense.  The Romance Writers of America group is already doing or planning legal action.



Now, I don't read much romance.  I have plenty (as I see it) romance books on my shelves, and sometimes I read very bad kindle erotica because it makes me feel better about myself (yes, I'm getting help for that).  What romance books I do own are because they were either written by friends, they survived my break with the romance genre, or because a friend reccomended them.  It also helps if they have magic in them.  One thing, I haven't really understand is the snobbery about romance.  I mean, what is James friggin Bond really?  It's just a male romance story but since it was written by a guy with wang for other guys with wangs, it is deemed "literary".  A board defination of the term romance includes writers such as Austen and Dumas.    Is it true that all romance is good?  Of course, not.  But then, not all books are good so that's like normal.


As a person who does not read much romance but who knows that the trademarking of cocky was a dumbass, stuck up, greedy bitch of a move, I wanted to support writers who would be effected.  But I don't read much romance, and can be somewhat picky.


Luckily, I found these books written by the famous pasta Fettucine.  Now, the books are short and 2.99.  I'm cheap when it comes it kindle books.  I mean, why pay three books for a book by pasta?  If it is an author you know, that's something else, but pasta?  But part of the procceeds will be donated to funds to help authors, so it is for a good cause.


And the books are so funny.  Honesty, it is 3 bucks per book well spent.


Each book mocks not only the trademarking of the word cocky but also the writting style of sub-par "erotic" romance kindle books.  There are comments about convient organasms, a bird that says pussy, and lines like :


"I tongue my tongue against his tongue, tonguing him real nice. "




" [he] has thick, muscular thighs like a Russian Olympian who cheated with drugs."




"I’d like to ride that Roman Emperor nose until I’m squawking harder than my cockatoo."