Wonder Woman and Catwoman - Sign me up

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 1 - Gail Simone, Ethan Van Sciver

So a bit of a mixed bag, though overall the stories are good and so is the artwork. 

The book starts with "Gothamazon" by Simone where Wonder Woman steps in to help Gotham while the Bats clan, with the exceptation of Oracle, are down for the count. The story illustrates, quite well, the differences between Batman and Wonder Woman. There are also some nice touches of humor. The second story "Defender of Truth" by Amanda Diebert and the fifth, "Bullets and Bracelets" by Sean Williams are, perhaps, a bit too heavy on the moral of the story, but who cares? They are enjoyable stories.

The two stories "Brace Yourself" and "Taketh Away" touch on some of the same issues - though "Brace Yourself" as far more humor; Jason Bischoff's stories of Diana vs Mom were great. Cohen's "Taketh" actually highlights the expecetions that women are forced to handle on a daily basis, including treatment when they decline an invitation as well as the expectation to be beautiful all the time.

The most problematic story is "No Chains Can Hold Her" and while it references the early days of comics and seems tongue in cheek, it falls completely flat. As does "Ghosts and Gods". For whatever reason the story doesn't quite work.

"The Attack of the 50 Foot Wonder Woman" and "Dig for Fire" are pretty good adventure stories, though one is light in tone than the other.

My favorite is "Morning Coffee" by Ollie Masters which involves Wonder Woman hunting down Catwoman. It's just wonderful.