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Hunting the Truth: Memoirs of Beate and Serge Klarsfeld - Serge Klarsfeld, Beate Klarsfeld
If you live outside of Europe, you might not have heard of the Klarsfelds - Serge and Beate (or Beate and Serge), a wife and husband who are responsible for bringing several Nazi war crimnals to trial. Serge is a French man whose family is Jewish and whose father died in the Holocaust. Beate is a German whose father fought for Germany in WW II. The memoir's early section deals with the early lives of both and thier eventual meeting courting. The bulk of the book is about the journey to activisim and pursuit of justice. Told by alternating voices in different sections, the primary focus is on thier work, though thier love for their family shines. Well worth the read, and the couple should win the Nobel Peace Prize.