Everland 1 and 2

Little Red: An Everland Ever After Tale - Caroline Lee Ella: An Everland Ever After Tale - Caroline Lee

These are the first two volumes in the Everland romance series.  Everland is a town in Wyoming where the residents have familar names (such as Gaston) and familiar stores pay out.  Where there is pretty of lustful feelings, the characters do not have sex on page and the stories end with HEA.


Little Red is the first, and as the title implies, is a re-telling of Little Red Riding.  Red, the heroine, is almost too much of a ninny, and her hero Hank is a little too much of Someone needs to take care of you because you are stupid.  Yet, the plot makes sense, though the Spanish doesn't seem to. The insta-attraction is fine, in terms of lust, but I don't really see them as true lovers as both main characters are a little flat.  The ending confrontation more than makes up for the problems though.


Ella, a retelling of Cinderella, is the better book, though a dog seems to have swapped genders.  Ella is kept as a de facto servent on her step-father's ranch (I like the use of a step-father opposed to step-mother).  She  meets the Civil War vetern Ian when she comes to his store.  The story is somewhat predictable, yet the relationship between Ella and Ian is done a bit better than Red and Hank.  It still is insta-attraction but we get more interaction where they talk as opposed to think lustfully about each other.


I picked both books up for free (as well as two others in the series).  It is fair to say that while I enjoyed them, I think that I would have enjoyed them less if I had paid for them - they aren't quite as polished as they should be.  Still, enjoyable and sweet enough for a nice, quick read on two commutes.