Vaughn takes on G.I. Joe

That Famous Silent Issue - Carrie Vaughn

When I was a kid, I loved G. I. Joe.  My brother got all the toys, but that was my show.  I loved it because of Scarlet.  A woman who took command and who had a bow.  Okay, it was a crossbow and not a long bow.  But who careed.  Of course, being  a cartoon in the 80s, when the second series came out (and the third), Scarlett and the other characters were pushed back to make way for new characters, after all, you can only have one female character.  But when it became a daily cartoon, Scarlett got more of a role again.


Years later, I picked up the Marvel comic.  Scarlett was there, though the character was a little different.  More kick-ass, and her romantic interest was different as well.  In the comics, she had dated the leader; in the comics, she dated the silent ninja Snake-Eyes.


The Snake-Eyes relationship was incredibly well done.  So I rank the comic higher than the cartoon.


Vaughn takes the comic version.


The title refers to a comic issue which featured Snake-Eyes and Scarlett in a story with no dialogue.  It was a really good story, and a later yearbook referred back to it.  Vaughn's story is told by a young woman who is a governmental worker.  She is kidnapped by Cobra and saved by Snake-Eyes and Scarlett.  We see their relationship though her eyes.  While she is being saved, she is not a milk toast character.  The short story is quite well done and compelling.