I Was the Cat - Paul Tobin, Benjamin Dewey

You know how cats think they rule the world?


That's this book.


An African-American reporter is hired to write the memoirs of Burma, a cat, who seems to always be planning to take over the world.  He's worried because he is almost out of his nine lives, and he wants to accomplished his multi-life mission.


The story rocks.  Multiple versions of how Burma almost took over - his version of Puss in Boots, he meets Napoleon who should have listened to him about Russia and about Josephine.


The real winning part of the story is the friendship between the two Allison (the reporter) and her British friend Reggie.  It is a friendship between two women who can sometimes drive each other a bit nuts, but who like and respect each other.  They don't talk about men all that much.


It also has spies in it.  Just saying.