The First Couple of the DC universe

Superman/Wonder Woman Volume 1: Power Couple TP by Charles Soule (2015-04-02) - Charles Soule

The earliest comics I read that weren't Little Lulu were DC ones.  Then I went though a Marvel phrase, then cold turkey, and now anything, but mostly Dark Horse and DC.


The idea of Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple was most recently explored in DC's new 52, which was the temporary, alternate something, something that happened a few years ago.  


I have to admit, I can ship them no problem.  I've never been a huge Superman fan, but he is more human here, more accessible (something that Snyder has done as well, I believe).  But as we are know, I am reading it for Wonder Woman.


The stories are centered on them coming to terms and figuring things out  - there are two different philosphies as well.  It was amusing to see the reactions of the other Justice League members, in particular Flash's comment to Green Lantern.  


The stories are more Superman centered, and Wonder Woman's are more her reaction to relationships.  Though, I do like her interaction with her sparring partner and friend.  Those are some of the best parts of the comic.


It was a fun read.