Best of the Three Collected

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 2 - Ryan Benjamin, James Tynion,  Noelle Stevenson

Of the three Sensation Comics Collections I have read, this is my favorite. It is also the most feminist.


There are two stories where Wonder Woman is not a central character - one about a woman army officer and another about two sisters. Both those stories feature girls and women of color.  Both stories are about the power of story telling and family - be it a sister or your brothers in arms.  They are also wonderful because the stories are not the standard woman sticks it to the men who under estimated her crap storylines.  


The story about a young musican coming into adulthood is also well done - in particular WW's line about the lasso and mansplaining. However, what I really enjoyed about that story is the look at a young teen star growing adulthood, what she wants and what those parents of her fans want her to be.   


Many of the stories feature minority characters - including one that takes place on Venus which also is about STEM and women in a predominately male job.  


I enjoyed the Lois Lane and WW story as well. I don't usually like Lois, but in that story she rocked. It was awesome seeing the two of them as friends.