Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture - Roxane Gay
Look, don't let my rating fool you. This is an important book; it should be required reading. I love the inclusion of both LGTB and male voices, and important. 

I just, and this isn't going to sound nice but, I just wish there had more culture, if that makes sense. While the bulk of the collection are personal essays, most of those are about writers who have survived rape. Which is fine, but those personal essays, by and large, are also about coming to the realizations about lack of victim blaming or the effect the attack had on the person later in life. Again fine, but the title mentions culture and that is lacking somewhat. The essays that are the better essays are the ones that connect more strongly to culture - such as those by Union, Stokes, Chen, and xTx.

But this book should be required reading