Updates - WARNING Racist TERMS

Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism - James W. Loewen

So I'm reading this and are going to try post updates.  Racist Lang. below


















Last Warning


Apparently Anna, Illinois (a town) stands fr "Ain't No Niggers Allowed"


Sundown Towns - white only towns  (usually no African Americans but also  in some places no Chinese or Hispanics, Jews).


Racial relations improved after the Civil War, but worsened from 1890s - 1930s.  ( this is also borne out by the book The Great New Orleans Kidnapping Case by Micahel A Ross).


1890s-1930s - Nadir of Race relations, term coined by Rayford Logan


1901-1929 (1973 for South) - Congress totally white.  After the Civil War there were African American men elected until 1901.


South had/has fewer Sundown towns - Lowen contends that this is due to wanting African Americans to do the dirty work - such as housekeeping.