Not like the Lies book, but damn good

Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism - James W. Loewen

Loewen's book is a must read for anyone who lives in the United States. While lacking the more informal format and tone of his books about historic places and textbooks, Sundown towns sheds light on a little known and little acknowledged evil in America's past and current life. 

This book is more of a formal study , which is understandable because Loewen is in part agruing that Sundown Towns existed. His points about neighborhoods and subarbs are equally valid. While he uses harsh (racist) language, it is when he quoets from sources and is used to not hid what happened. So he doesn't do it with a thrill or to be simply transgressive. If we are to have a conversation about race and crime and cities, this book is a must read.