Non Book related

A certain lying press sec who yells at reporters and whose father is a racist was asked to leave the Red Hen Restaurant.  The Red Hen is apparently in Lexington, VA.  Apparently it is a farm to table place.  It has Meyer Lemon Panna Cotta.  And short ribs.  And Panna Cotta. 


I've never eaten there but they have bass too.


Anywoo, the lying press sec used a government account (the offical press sec account) to twitter about being asked to leave.  So currently if you a run search for the place you get taken to some Asian motercycle page (I'm not sue what country the writing is from. Sorry).  There are also the standard Yelp review reactions.


If the use of a government account to target a private citzen who was using her/his constitutional right doesn't distrub you, you are not an American citzen.  You are a fucking Nazi.  


This really pisses me off.  This massively wrong on so many levels.