Little Me: My Autobiography - Matt Lucas

Disclaimer: I received a copy via Librarything.


                This book is so morditorial.


                I didn’t know when I started watching Little Britain that I had actually seen Matt Lucas in something before.  He had a brief cameo in Plunkett and MacLean.  But when I first started watching Little Britain, I didn’t know that.  I know that it just made me laugh.


                Lucas’ alphabetized memoir will make you laugh (the Jackie Collins story) and make you cry (a story about his father).  That’s right, it isn’t in chronological order but alphabetical order.  There is even, as the book’s back notes, a song in the middle.


                It is entirely possible that the book isn’t as personal as some fans might wish.  The details about his marriage to Kevin John McGee are too personal to fully share according to Lucas’ introduction.  Yet, in many ways, it makes the book feel more honest.


                Well, that and Kimberly.


                Kimberly is very important.


                There is of course, quite a bit about Little Britain, including not only the creative process but also whether Walliams and Lucas would do anything different and pushes back against some of the criticism that has been leveled at the show.


                But the bulk of the memoir isn’t about the television series.  There is more focus on family, feelings, views, and coming to terms with one’s own sexuality.  There is grief in the memoir but also much hope.  It is one of those quiet books that actually heals the reader.