Good start to 2019 reading

Sweetpea - C.J. Skuse
There's a sequel. Why isn't it out in the U.S. yet?

Books like this are the reason why I keep the MyBookBox subscription. It's true I don't always like them. However, the chances are better that I will, and in most classes, the book is one I would have passed by in a bookstore.

Sweetpea is a first person pov novel, where the heroine isn't likable. But she isn't trying to be. If anything, C.J. Skuse has given voice to the demon child that lives inside all of us. You know, that one that wishes the person who gets your name wrong with fall into a rotating fan blade. The difference is that Rhiannon actually does it. Though, like Dexter, she tries to keep to killing people that kinda deserve it.

You know like rapists.

She also really likes Sylvanian Families. She loves her dog Tink.

Though Tink really is a rat. Sorry, but that's how I feel.

She also kills people.

The voice in this novel is great - unrefined, funny, blunt, and in your face. To say that you end up rooting for Rhiannon is a bit much, but you do feel a fondness for he - in part because she is at least honest to you.

It was a fun read.