A Massacre in Mexico - John Washington, Anabel Hernandez

In September 2014, 43 students from the Raul Isidro Burgos Normal School of Ayotzinapa were disappeared in Mexico.  They literally vanished.  They group was largely first year students.  They have never been found.  At time, it made the headlines even outside of Mexico.  Today, ever so often an international news report will mention the status of investigation.

                Anabel Hernández’s book details not only the night of attacks when the 43 students disappeared but also the cover-ups that followed.  On one hand, the writing is dry.  Hernandez is reporting. She is trying to prove the cove ups. 

                The important thing is that she does.  The detail and information she has gathered and presented makes her case.

                If you live in the US, this is really a book you should read because it does have impact on way there are refugees and the impact of the war on drugs.