Shadow of the Serpent (Inspector McLevy 1) (Inspector McLevy Mystery) by David Ashton (2011) Paperback - David Ashton

This Mclevy mystery occurs prior to the end of the BBC audio series.  It is also more closely linked to Victorian politics than some of the other mysteries.  While the focus is on Mclevy, and we get more of his backstory, which is a little different than you think.  In many ways, Mclevy was made to saunter Leith.


                The other supporting characters from the series also make appearances, so of course we have the gossip of Jean Brash and Mclevy over coffee scenes. 


                The bit that rings a bit off is the historical based mystery that is tied into Gladstone and the battle for the control of Parliament.  The conspiracy seems a bit too – man on the grassy knoll. 


                Still it was an enjoyable trip back to Edinburgh.