Miracle in the Cave - Liam Cochrane

Miracle in the Cave is about the Wild Boars and their rescue from Tham Luang. Cochrane covered the rescue for the Australia Broadcasting Corporation. The book gives a brief background of the boys and football coach – some of whom were stateless at the time. I don’t usually read such quickly or timely released books. This came as part of a My Book Box selection.

Cochrane’s account is good for a couple reasons. The first is he that he brings to light lesser known aspects of the story – or at least lesser known in the West. For instance, when water was pumped out of the cave, it ended up in rice fields, destroying crops. Cochrane also shows the cultural importance of the cave and explains cultural differences as well as the political climate.

I do wish he had included a photo of Saman Kunan, the diver who died in the rescue.