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Death and Destruction on the Thames in London - Anthony Galvin

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book via Netgalley courtesy of the publisher.

Gavin’s book presents the history of the Thames in terms of flooding, shipwrecks, and other issues. At times, one wonders about the use of the phrase “on the Thames”, there is a bit much on the Great Fire of London, some on terrorist attacks, and a bit on Jack the Ripper.

Yet, the book is good. There is a ton of detail here. Galvin includes a list and brief history of the bridges of London as well as a detailed look at the history of the famous London Bridge. There is a list of the hulks on the Thames as well. Galvin goes in depth about the river has influenced the law in regards to certain “crimes”, such as the policies put in place to help prevent suicides.

Additionally, Galvin includes information about various museums that have a more detailed story about places and events. It would be possible to use this book as a resource for a tour of the city.

Galvin’s writing style is chatty which makes him a pleasure to read. It is almost like he is walking alongside of you telling you the various stories. He covers the Tudor period as well as WWI quite well. The books is has several lesser known historical stories.

Highly recommend for those interested in London.