Round two with the Pufferfish

Terminal Alliance - Jim C. Hines

Hines’ second outing with the hero Janitors involves Mops and crew going back to Earth. There are references to Farscape (living ships), Willard Scott, and sports (as well as possible current US politics).

I like the sports in this book.

It is also a love novel to books and libraries.

While I didn’t find the novel as funny the first one in the series, it is still an excellent book. In part, this is because, like Terry Pratchett, Jim C Hines’ heroes are those that would not have even been mentioned in the epic fantasy or sci-fi. This is only one reason why Hines is really deserves the title of America’s Answer to Terry Pratchett. Mops and her crew of janitors are heroes with such a level of doneness that it is wonderful.

The janitor crew travels to Earth because of certain rumors involving whether or not there might be change in feral humans. They discover a bit more about the lies that were revealed in the first book. Hines also gives a solution to that plot and brings up another plot thread to lead into the next book. (The ending report of this book is so wonderfully funny).

It is also important to note that unlike much writing where the motives of the evil doers are never fully examined, Hines does the opposite. The motivates of the head boss are examined. This is something that is rarely done. Furthermore, this is a book where the ones in command positions are all female.

But honesty, the price of the book is well worth reading Doc’s interrogation scene.