Wonder Woman, Vol. 4: War - Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang

We get so much in this volume. We get to discover what happened to Cassandra’s neck. It is so much worse than you could think. We find out the name of Zola’s son. It’s not Wonder Woman’s choice of Steve. Wonder Woman and Co go toe to toe with the First Born, who proves just how scummy and dangerous he is. We find out more about Orion, who faces his own struggle of conscience.

But honesty, that scene where Diana calls Orion out about his sexist behavior, kisses him, and then grabs him by the balls is just awesome. Seriously awesome.

We get more of Hera here to, and it is quite nice. I really do enjoy how this series has dealt with Hera. She is too be pitied but is also bitchy and horrifying.

It is worth noting too that while Wonder Woman is wearing hot pants and boob armor, she isn’t sexualized in the same intense way that she has been by other artists. She is a warrior here, not a sex object. It is nice.

The highlight of this arc is the closing volume which is a battle between Wonder Woman’s crew and the Firstborn. The army that War brings with him is just stunning and a sharp reminder of what just a god of War is. How Wonder Woman decides to end it and the ramifications of her actions is powerful. Especially in the culminating panels of the fight and the last panels of the issue.

This arc is about family, anger, and loss. The use of power, the cost of doing good, and the need to stand for something is here as well. The book focuses on the questions of, not mortality but morality. In many ways, in exploring Wonder Woman’s godhood (she is a daughter of Zeus), we see Wonder Woman at her most human.