Kitty's House of Horrors (Kitty Norville Series #7)

Kitty's House of Horrors (Kitty Norville Series #7) - Kitty meets Ten Little Indians. (Okay, not really, but it is quite close).Do you want to read an Anita Blake smack down? Read the early part of chapter two. At least another UF author is willing to make fun of Blake.Vaughn’s Kitty novels aren’t particularly deep. Her novels are short, quick reads. Fun reads that don’t take very long to finish, like a B movie that knows it is a B movie and embraces it, like Snakes on a Plane.In this installment, Kitty meets a reality show that bites back, and out misnamed werewolf faces a fight for her life. Some of the plot points raise an eye brow or two. One has to wonder about background checks, for instance, but there are several things to like about this book. The first good thing is the pacing. The book is under three hundred pages and moves briskly. Even the set-up section of the novel moves along, thanks to the humor. The second good thing is that Vaughn is not frightened to kill her characters off. Not everyone makes it out alive, and of those who die, not all are walk ons. The most important likable thing about this book, however, has to do with the women. It is wonderful to see women treating each other as equals, as friends, and talking about something other than men and clothes. Vaughn places such conversations prior to the fight for life, so it isn’t simply a question of timing. My complaint about some of the earlier Kitty novels was that Kitty seemed not have female friends, outside of her family. Vaughn seems to be starting to change that in this novel. I also like the fact that Kitty is married, though I don’t quite buy the whole Ben romance thing. Very few authors are willing to keep moving the relationship along after marriage, and this makes a nice change. What is even better is the fact that Vaughn doesn’t feel it necessary to explain absolutely everything. There is one problem, however. What is this obsession with vampire politics in UF? Geez. Every single time I pick an UF series, it always, sooner or later, morphs into vampires as the godfathers of the world. Still, a fun read.