The Mueller Report: The Comprehensive Findings of the Special Counsel - Robert Mueller, Allen West, Dan Boren

5 stars is somewhat misleading. I mean, it's a government report. It isn't riveting. But you should read it.

You realize:

1. Mueller is fair.
2. You find out it wasn't collusion that they were looking for.
3. Perhaps there wasn't coordination but the campaign was really chummy with the Russians.
4. How the Russians and WikiLeaks manipulated the election.
5. While there are quite a few redactions, it is very interesting where they occur and what isn't said.
6. Barr is a liar.
7. Kushner and Trump lied more than we knew


Even if you are a Trump supporter, the close ties that Russia made with the Trumps should give you pause.


Mueller's report is not what Barr would have you believe, the redactions are somewhat interesting because of who doesn't get mentioned.
Look, read it