Quick but fun

All About the Burger - George Motz, Sef Gonzalez
Don't let the three star rating deter you, this a well written, enjoyable, every woman/man look at the burger in America. Mostly, it is a history of various hamburger joints, and at times, a look at to changing culture (for instance, the disappearance of HoJo's). Very neat little factoids. There are a few recipes and many memories. Gonzalez's writing style does make you want to visit a hamburger place with him because it must be fun.

If you really love hamburgers, or know someone who does, you should read this book or get it.

Two questions, however -

1. Why isn't the cheesesteak mentioned? I mean if a loose meat sandwich is mentioned as a cousin, shouldn't a cheesesteak? (Look, I'm from Philly, we get defensive). And why isn't the whole Denny's lawsuit not mentioned?

2. This isn't a criticism of Gonzalez but more of a question about the history that Gonzalez relates. The three possible "inventors" of the hamburger are listened as men. And somehow, I am thinking that it was more likely an overworked mother. I mean if the burger is a form of comfort food, where did most comfort food start?