Just a general shout out

Considering the amount of independent authors who have either out right demanded reviewers and readers either review a certain way or review at all OR have badly worded posts that suggest the same thing, I would like to take this time to point out Indie authors who will at most simply like your review regardless of how many stars you give it.  Most of them actually leave you alone.



Linda Hilton - goes without saying, of course.


Tony Walsh - writes travel books, mostly about the Middle East

Libbie Hawker - historical fiction

Win Belvins - historical fiction, to be fair, it seems earlier work as published traditionally

Claire Ridgway - history, Tudor focused.

Alma Hammond - children's books

Donna Burgess - horror

Amy Cross -horror

Michael Powell -travel

Nicole Dreadful - romance

Simone Leigh - romance

Kate Mender - romance

The people behind Crimes Canada - each book has a different author

Anna Kinlin- romance

Ron Dutcher - ghost folklore

 I. J. Parker - Historical fiction set in Japan

Jan Hawkins - folklore from Down Under


I understand that Indie authors are coming from a disadvantage, but that does not excuse coming at readers.  Sadly, we tend to remember names like Lucian Bane so we can avoid them.  Every now and then, I want to remember names because they were professionals.